First secure remote data access and collaboration platform for Hybrid IT

FileFlex Enterprise is the world’s first remote data access, sharing and collaboration solution designed from the ground up to facilitate business processes effectively and efficiently with a zero trust architecture to reduce business risk and increase productivity. FileFlex Enterprise provides unified access across on-premises and multi-cloud storage solutions for a secure hybrid-IT data access, sharing and collaboration solution.

FileFlex Enterprise takes a zero-trust approach to data access and collaboration

FileFlex augments traditional perimeter-based security by always authenticating and always verifying all transactions all the time with a “never trust, always verify” model where access to data is secured and controlled through a zero-trust policy engine. FileFlex Enterprise abstracts the infrastructure from shared information providing secure data access as granular as a single file and protecting against unauthorized access to the organization’s infrastructure.

FileFlex is the world’s most cybersecure data access and collaboration platform for today’s distributed and remote workforce

According to IDC research, distributed workers account for over 70% of the total workforce. Today’s workers require anytime, anywhere data access that is fully secured. FileFlex Enterprise lets your workforce access 100% of your data remotely from any corporate data storage location and ensures no access to your enterprise network infrastructure.

FileFlex Enterprise brings data governance to remote data access, sharing and collaboration

IT controls sharing permissions and user permissions over all storage locations even to file level granularity and it honors Active Directory, LDAP and device permissions. The administrative console includes a view of all activities of all users that can be monitored in real-time or exported to your incident management software. It is the perfect tool to bring governance over PII and PHI information and GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

FileFlex leverages existing investments, does not require additional resources and is easy to scale

Fileflex Enterprise is a software-only solution that you deploy to a VM on one of your existing servers. It usually requires no additional servers, no additional storage, no additional human resources and scales without cost creep.  You are simply charged one low monthly fee per user. FileFlex is 100% risk free. Arrange for a free trial to test it with a small number of users.

What Makes FileFlex Enterprise Different?

From a single pane-of-glass FileFlex Enterprise provides IT controlled access, sharing and collaboration to all content located on your on-premises and multi-cloud hybrid IT infrastructure – no VPN required.  And securely move, copy or migrate data between any content location. This includes remote office, on-premises corporate server, department NAS, an individual’s PC, private cloud, public cloud, SharePoint or Infrastructure-as-a-Service storage such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon S3.

FileFlex Enterprise and Intel SGX provide the next generation of secure applications

FileFlex Enterprise has the option of using Intel® SGX platform hardened secure enclaves for encryption key generation to provide added protection at the deepest level – within the silicon itself – and provide added protection against shared data being snooped or tampered with at any stage of access or transmission. – even if the system is compromised.

FileFlex Enterprise

FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution that resides behind the firewall allowing you to securely access and share files from their source locations. Distributed workforces can share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Take control of your security and content with FileFlex Enterprise

  • No additional hardware required – software only solution
  • No additional storage required
  • Fully scalable, easy to deploy and manage   More
  • Low monthly per user pricing
  • Perfect addition to SharePoint   More
  • Fully protects Data Sovereignty   More
  • Complete Management Toolkit
  • Detailed Activity Logs / Full Audit Trail
  • Create Unlimited Virtual Data Rooms   More