FileFlex Partner

Offer FileFlex as your own service offering and build your own recurring revenue. Become a Managed FileFlex Operator, download the multi-tenant server and take control of your business. FileFlex – it’s what your clients want.

FileFlex Enterprise integrated with Intel® vProTM platform hardening sets new Content Collaboration security benchmark.

FileFlex integrated with Intel® vProTM platform hardening provides an unmatched level of security, enabled in hardware and creating a new silicon-driven benchmark for Content Collaboration. MSP’s can now provide new hardware-driven solutions that make remote access and content sharing a low threat activity.

FileFlex delivers a sustainable business model

With FileFlex you can build a sustainable, profitable recurring-revenue business that your clients will love. IT managers will love the increased control, ease of use, and minimal overhead to setup and support FileFlex. You generate your own monthly recurring service revenue. You set your margins. You increase your own ARPU. As a Managed FileFlex Operator, you maintain customer control and provide customer satisfaction – perfect!

Partner Only Model

Becoming a FileFlex partner is easy and best of all we are 100% channel focused. We do not sell FileFlex Enterprise direct to end customers – only through our partners – so we never compete with you. Instead we work with our partners to achieve mutual success. We even provide you with a number of free seats to let your clients test drive before they purchase.

Become a Managed FileFlex Operator

Just download the Fileflex multi-tenant server and you’re ready to host and resell FileFlex as your own service offering. Unlimited clients. Unlimited users. Unlimited deployments.

As a FileFlex partner, scaling as you grow is easy

As you get more clients you simply scale by purchasing more seats. It’s so profitable because you don’t store client data – no capacity or security issues with FileFlex. And with the FileFlex Management Console you can deploy, provision and manage all your clients and users from your own FileFlex server.

FileFlex … it’s what your clients want

With up to 90% cost savings and files available from the source – without duplication or security issues. Ensured data residency as all files stay behind the client’s firewall. And FileFlex doesn’t require additional hardware or human resources. Everything for remote access and file sharing in one place.

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