FileFlex puts the share back in SharePoint. Share files securely with non-SharePoint users without using the cloud

FileFlex Enterprise allows remote access to any SharePoint database. This means users can easily share documents with vendors, partners and customers without any additional security risk. FileFlex integrates with SharePoint document management functions and enables secure access to remote files, browsing of remote content and sharing files directly from within SharePoint.

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Make your SharePoint experience great by integrating FileFlex and SharePoint and sharing your files remotely with non-SharePoint users and avoiding the cloud process

Now SharePoint users can now access, share and collaborate on-premises SharePoint from all of their devices – tablets, smart phones and secondary PCs. This enables today's distributed workforce, while protecting the privacy of confidential information by allowing it to be kept on company owned storage devices, on-premises, behind the corporate firewall, in specific geographic regions and access controlled. With SharePoint and FileFlex users can collaborate on documents stored SharePoint on-premise while remote without using a VPN. Truly, FileFlex puts the share back into SharePoint!

FileFlex Enterprise, streamlines access to SharePoint content by connecting remote users that are not on the private SharePoint network with SharePoint content

FileFlex Enterprise also provides SharePoint users easy 'single-pane-of-glass' remote access and file management between the SharePoint database and on-premises storage such as servers, direct attached storage (DAS), PCs, file transfer protocol (FTP), network attached storage (NAS), select routers and storage area network (SAN) devices. Read our latest Blog on the benefits of using FileFlex with SharePoint 

FileFlex Enterprise

For business

FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution that resides behind the firewall allowing you to access and share files in their source locations – no need to subscribe or install an EFSS or build a private cloud. BYOD users can share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device. So take control of your content and eliminate the risky EFSS issues of residency, compliance and security.