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  • How do I add my computer to FileFlex if I don't have a password?

    In order to add your personal computer to your FileFlex account, you will need to have a password on your PC. Depending on which operating system you are using, a quick internet search of “how to add a password on (Windows 10)” where (Windows 10) is replaced by the OS you are using should bring up tutorials to guide you through the process. This is a security precaution, intended to better protect the files and folders on your PC even when you are accessing them remotely through FileFlex. It is in general a safe practice to password-protect your computer.

  • How does FileFlex sharing work?

    FileFlex will allow you to share any file with your contacts. They will automatically be given a free account the first time they open the shared file. The file itself will open in the FileFlex web application if the recipient does not have FileFlex installed. Any subsequent times the recipient wants to view or download the file, they will need to use their FileFlex credentials to do so – they will receive a temporary password the first time they open the file. They will have access to the full features of FileFlex for thirty days after their account is created, and after that they will only be able to view and download files shared with them unless they pay a yearly subscription fee to FileFlex.


    Once you’ve shared the file with someone, you’ll be able to see a record of who has accessed it through the Activity tab in FileFlex. If you choose to allow them to download it as well, you will also see those actions tracked in the Activity tab. You can enable or disable downloading for any individual by selecting the ‘sharing’ icon next to the file you have shared and checking the appropriate boxes.


    Note that FileFlex sharing is permission-based – you will need to add the recipients as contacts and share the file with them. It is not a link that can be forwarded or added to social media. In this way, you can control exactly who has access to your files and folders.


    For more information, you may want to take a look at the following Help files:


    How do I share a file?
    How to stop the sharing of a file
    How to view notifications
    How to view the Activity log

  • What is the FileFlex Free Plan?

    The free plan allows you to log on and remotely access anything that you have shared with others or anything that has been shared with you. You cannot, however, share or access anything else unless you upgrade to a paid plan. Upgrading is done inside the FileFlex app. To upgrade, open FileFlex, click the menu in the top right corner, then settings, then profile > billing status.

  • Is there a backup of the files I manage through FileFlex?

    Since FileFlex does not copy or sync any of your files, they will stay on your storage. There are no copies or backups created by FileFlex.

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