FileFlex is the world’s most cybersecure file sharing and collaboration platform for today’s distributed workforce

IDC research suggests that by 2020 mobile workers will account for 72.3% of the workforce. FileFlex provides a cybersecure application for remote access and collaboration that ensures no one breaks into your enterprise infrastructure.

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    Your files stay fully secured on your network

    Even when you are providing remote access and sharing, your files can stay on your network, behind your secure perimeter and under your control. Nothing is moved or copied to a third-party site or secondary location without your permission.

    Get Free White Paper – Data Sovereignty – Preventing Possible Data Exfiltration:

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      If you just paid $1 million in bitcoin to a ransomware source – maybe you’re ready to take a look at FileFlex.

      The most secure decentralized edge-cloud remote access and file sharing solution that minimizes security threats caused by file transfer and duplication. FileFlex reduces or eliminates the use of links and attachments and minimizes exposure to phishing and ransomware threats.

      FileFlex and Intel SGX provide the next generation of secure applications

      FileFlex when combined with Intel SGX provides unique silicon-to-silicon enclave protection to protect against snooping and intercept even if the system is compromised. Intel SGX hardened crypto-functionality ensures that the keys remain protected both at rest and in use. It uses secure enclaves to provide added protections within the silicon itself against shared data being snooped or tampered with at any stage of access or transmission.

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        Cybersecurity first – data privacy by design

        FileFlex has a layered approach to cybersecurity. The ecosystem created by these layers provides an absolute knock-out punch and brings 'Fort-Knox' type security to remote content access, sharing and collaboration.

        FileFlex Enterprise

        For business

        FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution that resides behind the firewall allowing you to access and share files in their source locations – no need to subscribe or install an EFSS or build a private cloud. BYOD users can share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device. So take control of your content and eliminate the risky EFSS issues of residency, compliance and security.