Intel® SGX technology with FileFlex brings Intel CPU hardened silicon-to-silicon security features to Microsoft Office 365 remote access, sharing and collaboration

Intel® SGX technology with FileFlex brings Intel CPU hardened silicon-to-silicon security features to Microsoft Office 365 remote access, sharing and collaboration

QNEXT – February 27, 2019 — Qnext, an innovator in edge-cloud file sharing and collaboration today announced it is able to utilize the enclaves of Intel® SGX for its FileFlex remote access, sharing and collaboration platform that lets Microsoft Office 365 users more securely access files and folders from source locations at the edge of the network.

“Software alone is clearly no longer enough to combat advanced cyber threats – hardware enhanced solutions based on Intel® silicon innovations in security offer improved protections.” said Jim Gordon, General Manager, Intel Platform Security Eco-System, Strategy and Development. He went on to say, “In this innovative example of the approach, now users can share Microsoft Office 365 files from source locations using an end-to-end, silicon-to-silicon enhanced security application. This provides a critical missing piece in the solution path to a more secure enterprise.”

According to Vivek Gautam, head of digitalization and blockchain practice, Markets & Markets, “combining Intel® SGX technology with FileFlex Enterprise provides a solution that helps offer confidentiality, integrity and extra security with a minimal impact on existing processes and infrastructure.”

Intel® SGX helps in improving FileFlex Enterprise security and means Microsoft Office 365 users do not need to sync their shared files to the cloud when they share them. And Intel® SGX helps protect code and data against manipulation of other software, such as the operating system, device drivers, firmware and BIOS. Intel® SGX enables FileFlex Enterprise to bring a fundamental change to enterprise security.

FileFlex Enterprise will offer unprecedented security and benefits in file sharing and collaboration, such as:

  • Multi-layered encryption options to help protect all communications including the streaming of digital media.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 to support restricted permission preview, as well as collaboration using Office 365.
  • Supports SSO by using SAML and offering support for a wide number of popular identity providers, such as ADFS, OneLogin, Bitium, CA SSO, miniOrange, OKTA and others.
  • Enhanced Active Directory integration provides seamless integration between FileFlex users/groups and permissions.
  • With remote activation feature, organizations have greater flexibility on granting and managing access for remote users to authenticate and access remote content on corporate infrastructure.

“Organizations that deploy Intel® SGX technology and FileFlex can literally light up the network by sharing and collaborating with others across the globe – and their content remains in its source location – no syncing or duplication.” said Anthony DeCristofaro, CEO of Qnext, the developer of FileFlex Enterprise. “This is a true on-premise solution, no private cloud and no costly infrastructure. It is a step forward in content access, sharing and collaboration – and Intel® SGX makes it a hardend silicon-to-silicon process which means content stays more secure and compliant.”

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Selected as a 2018 Red Herring Top 100 Global winner for disruptive technology and recognition of the technology industry’s most exciting and innovative private companies, Qnext Corp. is an innovator in file sharing and collaboration software based on edge computing technology. FileFlex Enterprise, an on-premise file sharing and collaboration solution, provides a highly secure hybrid point-to-point, software-only service that allows organizations to remotely access, share, stream, manage and collaborate 100% of their data from source locations.

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