FileFlex Features

Securely access and share any file on your storage devices from behind the firewall … from anywhere in the world. All without uploading, downloading or using the cloud.

Remote access

FileFlex provides you remote access to your files and folders from their source locations, no matter where you stored them. Yes, right from where they are saved. Access can be from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer; Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows tablet or smart phone; or any internet connected kiosk. The access to all storage is from a simple dashboard.

File sharing

FileFlex allows you to remotely share files without having to sync, move, duplicate or upload them to the cloud by providing shared access to where they are saved. It does not use links that can be forwarded or copied to social media. Instead it is permission-based access to source locations. The file access virtualization technology of FileFlex makes files and folders you share act like an extension of your recipient’s local device. There are no storage limitations, no file size limits, no quality degradation (no compression) and no complicated IT type setup requirements for the sharing of files.

Collaborate files without the cloud

FileFlex Enterprise includes powerful content collaboration platform (CCP) capability that does not use the cloud and does not duplicate or sync your content to a third-party server. FileFlex Enterprise enables productivity and remote file editing content collaboration for individuals and teams inside and outside the organization from source locations on your own storage, anytime, anywhere, on mobile or on your desktop, using your favorite applications like Office 365 or Google Docs. Activity tracking, audit trail, version control, file locking, a unified workflow across devices, and simple, secure access make your teams more productive and protects your information.

Remote multi-location file management

FileFlex is arguably the world’s best file manager app because it provides remote file management between multiple devices. The traditional file manager includes an ability to create folders, as well as cut, copy, paste, move and upload and delete files. But that is where a traditional file manager ends. It works for devices you are connected to, but not when you are remote.

FileFlex on the other hand enables you to use any internet connected smart phone, tablet or secondary computer to remotely cut, paste, copy, delete, rename, move and organize any document no matter where it is stored. You can even cut, copy and paste files between your various storage devices remotely. You don’t have to be at home or in the office to organize your files, you can keep things organized from anywhere.

Media streaming

FileFlex allows you or any contact to stream media files from their source locations. This allows the consumption and sharing of massive collections of digital media right from where they are stored in a way that is simply not possible using traditional cloud technology. You don’t need to upload to the cloud and you don’t need to download – You stream from your storage.

Automatic photo & video backup

Automatically back up the photos and videos from as many smart phones and tablets as you want to whatever storage you own. You can even set FileFlex to only backup when connected via WiFi so as to not use up your cellular data.

Remote network access

FileFlex turns networked devices into a powerful gateway into all storage. For example, with FileFlex on your server ( or NAS, or networked PC), you can use that server to access, share, stream and perform remote, multi-device file management functions to any and all the storage on the server and all storage on the server’s network. You are virtualizing access to the server, any server attached storage such as a NAS, SAN, DAS, private cloud and every PC and laptop on the same network as the server.

Remote editing

FileFlex Enterprise allows users who work remotely to edit files stored anywhere on the organization’s infrastructure from their smart phone, tablet or remote computer, from anywhere in the world.

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