Automatic Photosync and Video File Sync  – The Better Way

FileFlex now includes automatic photosync and video file sync backup from your smart phone to your own storage.  Now you can automatically in the background, back up the media from all of your smart phones and tablets – as many photos and videos as you want – to any storage you own.


Lots of Pictures Use Up Lots of Memory

Chances are that if you own a smart phone, it has also become your camera. With over 5.5 billion smart phones sold since 2008 and over 1.4 billion sold in 2015 alone[1], 2/3rds of Americans now own a smart phone[2]. Did you know that according to Pew Research, 92% of smart phone users use their phones to take pictures and smart phone photography is more popular than Internet browsing, emailing, app downloading and gaming[3]. According to a Comtech,, the quality of a smart phone’s camera is the third most important consideration for phone buyers, trailing only 4G/LTE capability and reliability/durability[4].

It is no surprise then, that because of the importance of smart phone photography and the significance of the smart phone camera, that with each new generation of smart phones, manufacturer’s improve their cameras with higher resolution pictures and videos. Higher resolution photos however have larger file sizes and those larger files need more storage space. In other words, although the smart phone camera is great and handy, all those pictures and videos are using up the limited memory of the phone.

The Frustrations of Today’s Solutions

Until today users are faced with two solutions. either 1) connect a cable from the phone to the PC, copy their photos to the PC for long term storage and then delete them from the phone to free up space, or 2) copy/sync them to cloud storage and then delete them from the phone to free up space. Both solutions are problematic.

Constantly connecting cables, copying and deleting is a hassle. You do it once in a while, but eventually less often, live longer with a phone that is out of space and take less pictures. If you use the cloud you will quickly realize that because of the size and amount of your photos and videos, the cloud storage needed can balloon resulting in either a costly storage fee or constant management of the photos/videos to free up more space. After quickly consuming your free online storage limit, entry level plans start at $100 per year for public cloud providers. On top of that, your personal photos end up being stored with a 3rd party where the data privacy, security and ownership of your photos is in question.

The Better Way – Use FileFlex Automatic Photosync and Video File Sync Backup

There is a better way to back up your photos and videos. Automatically back them up to your own storage instead with FileFlex. FileFlex now includes a sync feature that you can set to back up the photos and videos from as many smart phones and tablets as you want to whatever storage you own. You can even set it to only back up when connected via WiFi so as to not use up your cellular data.
When you use FileFlex to automatically backup your photos and videos to your own storage there are:

• No more storage fees for public cloud storage
• No more direct cabling your phone to PC to transfer your pictures
• No more privacy concerns


How to Set Up FileFlex Automatic Photosync and Video File Sync Backup

It is extremely easy to use. Here’s how.

 1.  Open FileFlex on the smart phone or tablet that you want to sync.

 2.  Tap the main menu icon that is in the top right hand corner and then select Photo Sync.


main menu

Open Main Menu, Select Photo Sync

Photo Sync Video Tutorial

To access our synced photos and videos, simply navigate to the sync destination folder.  There you will see the photos and videos that you backed up.
Now your photos and videos will back up automatically in the background to your own storage right after they are taken or as soon as you are connected to the internet.
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Tom Ward is the VP of Marketing for Qnext Corp. He is an expert in the technology industry with a history of achievement. Tom holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.