What is FileFlex?

FileFlex is an on-premise cybersecurity application based on decentralized cloud technology that provides remote access, sharing and collaboration to the entire company owned storage infrastructure and puts it under IT control.


They're your files and they should stay on your network.

FileFlex is a critical component of any cybersecurity infrastructure. Your files stay on your network, behind the firewall and nothing is moved or copied to a third party site. It is the perfect solution to aid data residency and privacy requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA.


Revolutionary Decentralized Cloud Architecture

What makes FileFlex different? All cloud storage providers, no matter who they are, use the same basic architecture.  They all sync or copy to a centralized cloud server cluster.  FileFlex, on the other hand, uses a decentralized or edge cloud architecture.  No files are stored on our servers.  Instead we use the storage and CPU power of existing client devices. Our server acts like a switchboard to connect users to their own storage.

From your smart phone, tablet or computer you can remotely access, share and collaborate all your files from where they are saved – from your storage that you already own, behind your firewall and under your control. No syncing. No duplication. No third parties. No additional server costs. No need to purchase expensive redundant cloud storage. Using our decentralized cloud or edge technology, FileFlex takes the functionality of the cloud and applies it to your entire storage infrastructure, puts it under IT control and allows users to access all of it from a single dashboard.

Protect Data Sovereignty

Prevent Data Exfiltration


By keeping files in their original location—behind the corporate firewall, on corporate storage assets, in specific geographic regions and access controlled, FileFlex Enterprise protects your data sovereignty and prevents possible data exfiltration inherent to cloud solutions to ensure compliance to local privacy regulations. There is no chance any third-party can gain access to files without the organization's knowledge.

Download the whitepaper to learn how you can prevent possible data exfiltration inherent to cloud solutions.

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    Choose the right FileFlex for you


    For individuals & small business

    FileFlex enables you to remotely access, share and stream all of your files, pictures, videos, music and movies -including massive lifetime collections and huge files – from your own storage, no matter where you stored them, where they are or what device you are using, without having to move your content anywhere in order to do so.

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    FileFlex Enterprise

    For business

    FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution that resides behind the firewall allowing you to access and share files in their source locations – no need to subscribe or install an EFSS or build a private cloud. BYOD users can share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device. So take control of your content and eliminate the risky EFSS issues of residency, compliance and security.

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    For resellers

    FileFlex Enterprise … It's What Your Clients Want. If you want to give your customers a game-changing file share and access solution, learn more about FileFlex. As a FileFlex Partner, you provide THE alternative to the Cloud – a highly secure software-only solution that allows clients to remotely access, share, stream and manage 100% of their data from source locations. FileFlex eliminates the need for EFSS and gives your customers up to 90% in cost savings.