Installing a FileFlex Connector on a Linux Server

Step 2:

Install the FileFlex Connector on your Linux server

Open a “Terminal” window or from your console enter the following command depending on your OS Distribution

  • For Debian packages (like Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, etc distributions) type the following command

sudo sudo dpkg -i /path-to-package/package.deb || true && sudo apt-get -f install

Ex: For Ubuntu Desktop if the file was downloaded to /home/tester/Downloads, the command line would be

sudo sudo dpkg -i /home/tester/Downloads/FileflexConnector_Latest.deb || true && sudo apt-get -f instal

  • For the RPM package (like OpenSuse) type the following command

sudo zypper install FileFlexConnector_Latest.rpm

  • For the RPM package (Like Fedora) type the following command

sudo yum install FileFlexConnector_Latest.rpm